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i am liz. this is my life.

self proclaimed movie addict.lover of pop culture.etc.

don't hate me cause you ain't me




This motivated me to study. Thanks tiny cactus.

I wanna eat it

I know just the place down in Greenwich Village. Trust me Rachel, they’re gonna love you there.


RP-MEME: 8 OTPs/BROTPs [2/8]

Huntchel [Rachel Berry & Hunter Clarington] 

"And this might sound completely crazy and maybe even creepy, but I feel so vulnerable with you. That at any moment, everything can just come crashing down. And I don’t care because I’m with you. You just…get me.” 


#When Kristoff met Sven

Mindy Kaling leaves the Chateau Marmont on Tuesday evening (April 22) in West Hollywood, California.

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